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Monitor the whole web

Listen to what your customers have to say on every channel

Our web radar feature gives you a complete list of all mentions, posts and comments that happen online in the one place. This way you know that you won’t miss anything online.

With everything all in the same location you will save countless hours trying to finding every mention that you have online. We package it up into a neat list for you.

Respond quickly and efficiently

Engage with your customers faster than ever before

With our unified social inbox you can quickly and easily respond to all of your customers enquiries in the one location. Whether they be from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn its all there for you in the one location.

Our scheduler allows you to pre-plan your posts to social networks ahead of time, which in turn, saves you time. Imagine being able to schedule product release announcements for all of your social channels to go out at once.

Become a digital rockstar

Transform your digital image and become known for it

The experience for your customers online needs to be amazing, just as, if not more amazing than there face to face experience with you and your brand. Communicating with customers online doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore.

With Redxoo you will be able to understand your customers better, respond to the quicker and be know for your amazing customer experience. Let us help you become a digital rockstar today.

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